• Client:
  • Sherman Contemporary Art Foundation
  • Location:
  • Sydney, Australia
  • Size:
  • 50 sqm
  • Status:
  • Realised, 2009


A bookcase of honeycomb shaped cells was a spectacular space for displaying catalogues. The transparent-coloured acrylic installation was backlit via changing project specific energy efficient LED lights.

A new architectural installation commissioned for the first anniversary of the Sherman Contemporary Art Foundation (SCAF) in Sydney created a spectacular space for displaying catalogues and other publications. The installation was an evolutionary display, which adapts and grows in response to each new gallery project creating an ephemeral and surreal experience with changing lights and effects.

Holding a selection of publications in honeycomb shaped cells, the installation is backlit through transparent acrylic via energy efficient LED lights.

The installation showcases LAVA’s ongoing fascination with the efficiency and beauty of geometries in nature – the potential for naturally evolving systems for new building typologies and structures. The shape of the installation is based on a “voronoi”, or “bubble geometry”, in a similar way to the Beijing Watercube. The installation possesses an aesthetic that resonates throughout the gallery space while being incredibly functional.

The bookcase uses the latest digital fabrication and engineering techniques such as CNC milling and CAD CAM technology. LAVA maintained a “digital chain” throughout the design and production process.



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Design: Toko / Development: Damien Aistrope